What is the most important sporting event? Some may say the Superbowl, the Champion's League, the Olympics, or the World Cup - but in the early 12th century, there was one sport that could decide the course of politics. The Creator's Game, or stickball, was not for fun and recreation, but rather a way of developing young men into battle-hardened warriors. At times, the game could substitute for conflicts between tribes. The Creator's Game was more than a game, but a ritualistic ceremony that celebrated the spirit of life itself.


Famous prophets always brought about axial turning points within history. The prophet Muhammad, Jesus, Moses all changed the course of history. Wovoka, or Jack Wilson, was no different - inspiring the Ghost Dance Revolution that spread all across the continent. However, this was actually the second time the Ghost Dance spread - originating with the Paiute in the mid 1800s. In this course, learn about the movement that ended in an unprovoked genocide by the U.S government.